Magic props and material

Magic props and material for all magicians from Tim Star

On this web page you will find a lot of information on magic, both new and used. You will also find material for the manufacturing of your own magic props. I will add a lot of tip’s and different technique that will help you and hopefully give you a lot of new idea’s that will be helpful when you make your own magic props.

The prices are in both US dollars and Swedish kroner. The exchange rate is changing daily and the Swedish currency will follow the US dollar. Shipping will be added to the price unless it is stated in the description of the product. I will ship to any country and shipping is affordable from Sweden.


Magic For Sale

Here you will find magic props for sale, everything from brand new to some slightly used. Read the description carefully and if you have any question just contact me. I will always find the best shipping price and will ship with a tracking number if requested. All products are shipped from Sweden. US$ = US Dollars SW = Swedish Kronor

You can pay with PayPal, Swish or or direct transfer to bank.

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Crystal Cleaver (T-155 av Tenyo

Comes with what you see in the picture, used but in perfect working order. US$ 20.00 SW 195:- Plus shipping


Mark Masons X-ACT

Mark Mason's X-ACT New never use See video Clipp X-ACT

SW 300:- - US$ 30.00 Plus Shipping

Cardian Angel from Paull Harris

Never used perfekt condition.

US$ 20.00 SW 195:- Plus Shipping


Hippedy Hopp Rabitts

Hippedy Hopp Rabitts from Vienna magic Austria.Comming in the original box. Close-up version. 12cm High. (not produced anymore)

US$ 29.00 SW 250:- Plus Shipping


Tenyo Mystic Blackboard

New never opened!

US$ 22.00 195:- Plus Shipping

Tenyo Puzzling Queen

Tenyo Puzzling Queen. Comes with original packing and instructions, the box has been opened. 195:- Plus Frakt

S.S.S Smoke av Shin Lim

With this system you can produce magical smoke without any sound from anything you want. Comes with everything you need everything is complete so you can produce smoke as soon as you open the package. You do not need to buy anything.

More info here Demo S.S.S

Mesika's Invisible Thread

Mesika's Invisible Thread (Osynlig Tråd) Brand New. US$ 22.00 Sw 195:- Plus Shipping


Tenyo's Super Sponge Balls

Brand new in the box

US$ 14.00 SWE 120:- Plus Shipping

Flash Deck Switch av Shin Lim

Flash Deck Switch by Shin Lim och Rich Riccone.


New in the box

US$ 45.00 SW 400:- Plus Shipping


Tenyo's Credit Suprise

Used but complete with instructions.

US$ 15.00 SW 125:- Plus Shipping


Märkt Lek - The vanishing Deck

Marked deck & Vanishing deck, both sold together.

US$ 29.00 SW 285:- Plus Shipping

5 Stycken Tenyo trick

Säljer här 5 stycken Tenyo trick tillsammans.

Prison Box - Sandwicg Platter - Parabox - Phantoma - Twister

Alla är i topp skickoch kommer med vad du ser på bilden.



Tenyo's Occult Board

Tanyo's Occult Board , Ny i oöppnad förpackning. 125:- SOLD


Animation Frame av Tenyo


150:- Product Sold


Tenyo's Invisible Zone

Box has been opened.

US$ 22.00 SW 195:- Plus Shipping

The Raven

Brand new in the box. See a video klip here.


US$ 30.00 SW 300:- Plus Shipping

USA Half dollar

Half dollar set of 5 all coins 1967 Have other year's to.

Click here for more info.


Tenyo's Ultimate Shocking Pen

Tenyos Ultimate Shocking Pen.

New in unopened box.

US$ 18.00 SW 150:- Plus Shipping


The Pimpernel Wallet av Peter Scarlett

Beautiful wallet by Peter Scarlett all in lether made in England.

New but missing instructions.

See Rewiew and info about the wallet here.

US$ 58:00 SW 495:- Plus shipping

Chameleon Bag

Chameleon Bag from Norm Nielson Magic. New never used.

More info here. Chameleon Bag.

US$ 50.00 SW 425:- Plus Shipping

The Missmade Queen

Ny i förpackningen. 150:- Sold

Se tricket här The Mismade Queen

Eld i Händerna av El Duco Ny! aldrig använda.

Fire in the hands by El Duco New never used.

US$ 34.00 SW 300:- Plus Shipping

Chaos 2 av Mark Elsdon

New in unopened box. See Clip CHAOS 2 US$ 24.00 SW 215:- Plus Shipping

Ring in the bags Made by Tim Star.

A borrowed ring vanish and is found inside 7 tied bags. The spectator is holding the bags as the ring is vanishing. Comes with everything you need and instructions in English or Swedish.

US$ 45.00 SW 385:- Plus Shipping

Roped By Juan Pablo

New never used See the magic here ROPED

US$ 34.00 SW 295:- Plus Shipping

Zenner- Tech by Mark Elsdon NEW!

US$ 18.00 SW 130:- Plus Shipping

See clip here ZENNER - TECH 2.0

Rewind By Michael Chatelain

New never used. See clip here REWIND US$ 49.00 SW 450:- Plus Shipping

Fantasio Appearing Candle Red.

This is a real Fantasio Candle.

US$ 34.00 SW 295:- Plus Shipping

Fantasio Vanishing Candle Red

This is a real Fantasio Candle.

US$ 34.00 SW 295:- Plus Shipping

Fantasio Appearing Candle White

This is a real Fantasio Candle.

US$ 34.00 SW 295:- Plus Shipping

Fantasio Vanishing Candle White

This is a real Fantasio Candle.

US$ 34.00 SW 295:- Plus Shipping

Gourmet Mouse av Emerson och West's


US$ 9.00 SW 75:- Plus Shipping

Ten inventors and performers of magic took siege of the magic bar in stockholm to record project 21


US$ 30.00 SW 285:- Plus Shipping

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